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  • Focusrite Releases Free iPad Tape App


    Tape is a new 2-track recording app allowing you to add tape emulation to your recordings. Tape supports recordings with the built-in iPad microphone or a Core Audio compatible interface including Focusrite’s own iTrack and Scarlet product range. With one button compression and instant mastering you can create a final file that can be shared […]

  • Loop Drummer new in Amplitube


    IK Multimedia announce Loop Drummer a new addition to their Amplitube iOS app. Loop Drummer is a loop based drum module that automatically syncs to Amplitube’s built-in recorder. Using the loops, Loop Drummer will generate Intro, verse, chorus et cetera for your song in a smart way. Clicking the Remix button LD will construct a […]

  • Novation announces LaunchKey controllers


    Novation today announced their new LaunchKey keyboard controller. It comes in 25, 49 or 61 note versions with up to 50 physical controls that include the characteristic 16 velocity-sensitive multi-colored trigger pads that can launch clips and scenes in Ableton Live. Intriguing is the interactive way the controllers can work with two new included iPad apps […]

  • New PPG Wavemapper iOS synthesizer announced


    Wolfgang Palm announced the new PPG Wavemapper synthesizer. Wavemapper features the Sound Map that allows you to map various sounds together and experiment in a whole new way. According to Wolfgang Palm’s website Wavemapper creates a new wavetable synthesis that preserves the sound characteristics better than classic Wavetable synthesis while at the same time allowing you […]

  • Catching Musical Inspiration

    Inspiration comes to me in the strangest of times. Most ideas come when I’m just about to fall asleep and slowly sink into Sandman’s twilight zone. At this stage my mind is going into a frenzy and produces all these creative ideas for music, lyrics, mixing and of course the Mix Buddy app. I have […]

  • Audiobus connects VI’s on iOS devices


    Audiobus is a new inter-app audio routing system that allows you to interconnect Audiobus-compatible apps via virtual audio cables on your iPad 2, iPad 3, iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. This will finally give iOS musicians and audio engineers the opportunity to create a multi-app music production workstation out of their iOS device. There’s already […]

  • Problem finding Mix Buddy on iPad App Store

    If you try to find Mix Buddy in the App Store on the iPad, by searching for its name, you won’t be able to find it. Searching for some of Mix Buddy’s keywords like ‘mix’ and ‘tool’ will bring up Mix Buddy without a problem under the iPhone Apps tab.

    This only happens on the iPad. You won’t have this problem on the iPhone, iPod touch or iTunes on Mac or PC When searching for Mix Buddy there you will find it without a problem.

    Apple have acknowledged this problem with newly submitted apps and hope to have this fixed soon! Appologies for any inconvenience.