Catching Musical Inspiration

Inspiration comes to me in the strangest of times. Most ideas come when I’m just about to fall asleep and slowly sink into Sandman’s twilight zone. At this stage my mind is going into a frenzy and produces all these creative ideas for music, lyrics, mixing and of course the Mix Buddy app. I have no idea where they come from – especially the music ones – but they seem to present themselves without any effort.

This is fantastic of course and I feel blessed in a way if it weren’t for the fact that if I don’t write them down they will be gone and I won’t remember a thing of it. Another problem is that I am someone that needs eight hours of sleep to function properly during the day. If I don’t write down or record the ideas my brain will start processing them over and over again and I can see the clock eating away the hours. What I need is a quick, easy and reliable way of getting the ideas out of my head knowing they will be there for me whenever I’m ready to start working on them. Enter my iPad and iPhone.

Using the iPad or iPhone I can quickly write down all ideas into some of the great note apps that I use like Notes Plus, Songwriter’s Pad or by creating a mindmap using Mindjet’s Maps. If I come up with a promising melody or chord sequence I get out of bed, grab my guitar in the living room and within seconds I’m recording the idea in a simple app like iTalk or if my idea is a little bit bigger in the fantastic app called Auria. Last week my wife and I went out for Christmas shopping and while driving this melody pops up. So we park the car and in just a few seconds I record the idea relieving me of the burden to try and remember it.

By now I have written and recorded hundreds of ideas. Whenever I need a new idea I just grab my iDevice and gain some inspiration. Whichever way you do it just make sure you register all of your ideas however small they are. They will help you out if a writer’s block rears its ugly head.