• Mix Buddy 2 | Pro audio reference tool for mixing

Protootr releases Mix Buddy 2

Today Protootr released Mix Buddy 2. This largely reprogrammed version of Mix Buddy is now compatible with iOS 11 and is universal binary. This means the same app now works on both iPhone and iPad with optimized and dedicated user interfaces for each idevice.

Mix Buddy is an app that allows you to Discover characteristic and important frequencies of many instruments via so called EQ Blueprints. These contain droplets for the specific frequencies that provide EQ tips for these instruments. A dedicated button (Lightbulb) gives you practical tips on mixing the instruments.

The dedicated interface on the iPad allows you to now select, read, edit and add your EQ Blueprints all from the same page. Some small extra functions have been added to the settings page of the iPad version. You can for instance now change the color of the default iconic purple background to a selection of other colors fro your convenience.

Mix Buddy 2 does not yet synchronize your custom saved EQ Blueprints via iCloud. This function will be added in a future update along with new content like EQ Blueprints of more instruments and new video tutorials. If you would like to see specific tutorials added to Mix Buddy 2 then please let us know via our contact page. We’ll consider adding these in a future update.

We sincerely hope you enjoy Mix Buddy 2.