• Appy New Year from Protootr

New year’s resolutions

It’s the last day of the year again – wow, time does fly – and as always we reflect upon what we can do better in the coming year by creating a list of new year’s resolutions. Before I commit myself to any new resolutions of things that I want to do better, I first look back to see what went really well this year. This makes me feel good about myself and gives me a whole different angle on writing my new year’s resolution list. All of a sudden last year doesn’t seem so bad at all. Actually it looks pretty good. We have the tendency to focus on the negative instead of the positive things.

But, there’s always room for improvement. So what’s on the top of my list every year – besides losing the love handles – is to learn something new. Educating yourself is the best thing you can do whatever your occupation is. Broaden your mind, read books on totally new subjects, listen to new music, visit places you’ve never been before. It does wonders for your creativity and brings fresh inspiration. Try to mix in a different way, use plugins you normally never use and best of all try to work with others.

Just as much as I like to learn new things I also like to pass on my knowledge and experience. Mix Buddy is hopefully a good example of that. One of my biggest new year’s resolution is to make Mix Buddy the best app for learning Pro Audio technology and mixing. There’s plenty of new features and ideas on the horizon.

So to everyone and especially all of you that bought Mix Buddy. Thank you and I wish you a Happy New Year. May you all learn something fresh and new that will change your lifes in whatever big or small way.