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  • Apple Releases OS X Update 10.9.2 with Audio Fix

    There have been a growing number of Mavericks users that reported problems on forums about using their USB or FireWire interfaces with Apple’s latest operating system. The today announced update for OS X might finally bring a solution. Apple explicitly names sound distortion problems as being fixed in Mavericks 10.9.2. The problems in forums vary […]

  • Apple Releases Logic Pro X 10.0.6

    The today released Logic Pro X 10.0.6 version fixes problems with audio inputs on some interfaces. This issue caused the Record Enable button to be unavailable with some audio interfaces, including the M-Audio Fast Track Pro, M-Audio Plus, Blue Yeti USB mic, Alesis i02 Express, Avid Mbox, and Griffin iMic. The update is available via […]

  • Mix Buddy and iOS 7

    We are on the verge of submitting Mix Buddy with iOS 7 compatibility. There are a few nasty bugs to fix that sneaked up on us with the final release of iOS 7.

    Due to these surprise bugs version 1.2 will be a compatibility release only. Another update will come shortly thereafter with new content. Our sincere apologies for the delay.

  • Apple updates Logic Pro X to 10.0.2

    Apple today released Logic Pro X 10.0.2 which includes many bug fixes that improve the stability and reliability. Many bugs that made Logic quit unexpectedly and gave unreliable results with things like Flex editing, Drummer, Track Stacks and many more have been addressed. CPU performance with many audio plugins should also have been improved. Logic […]

  • Focusrite Releases Free iPad Tape App

    Tape is a new 2-track recording app allowing you to add tape emulation to your recordings. Tape supports recordings with the built-in iPad microphone or a Core Audio compatible interface including Focusrite’s own iTrack and Scarlet product range. With one button compression and instant mastering you can create a final file that can be shared […]

  • Loop Drummer new in Amplitube

    IK Multimedia announce Loop Drummer a new addition to their Amplitube iOS app. Loop Drummer is a loop based drum module that automatically syncs to Amplitube’s built-in recorder. Using the loops, Loop Drummer will generate Intro, verse, chorus et cetera for your song in a smart way. Clicking the Remix button LD will construct a […]

  • New PPG Wavemapper iOS synthesizer announced

    Wolfgang Palm announced the new PPG Wavemapper synthesizer. Wavemapper features the Sound Map that allows you to map various sounds together and experiment in a whole new way. According to Wolfgang Palm’s website Wavemapper creates a new wavetable synthesis thatĀ preserves the sound characteristics better than classic Wavetable synthesis while at the same time allowing you […]

  • Steinberg releases Cubasis iPad app

    The world of DAWs for iPad is maturing. Steinberg has just released Cubasis, a light version of Cubase optimized for the iOS platform. Cubasis allows you to record audio in cd quality using 16-bit and 44.1 kHz samplerate. You can also record midi from a hardware keyboard to the midi-sequencer or use the built-in virtual […]

  • New version of Mix Buddy in production

    Mix Buddy has been in the App Store for a little over a week and the response has been fantastic. Thank you all for your kind words and positive feedback. One thing we want to do well is listen carefully to what you have to say. You are the ones using Mix Buddy in practice, […]