• PPG WaveMapper announced

New PPG Wavemapper iOS synthesizer announced

Wolfgang Palm announced the new PPG Wavemapper synthesizer. Wavemapper features the Sound Map that allows you to map various sounds together and experiment in a whole new way.

According to Wolfgang Palm’s website Wavemapper creates a new wavetable synthesis that preserves the sound characteristics better than classic Wavetable synthesis while at the same time allowing you to manipulate the sound. Palm says the new synthesis system in WaveMapper can be seen as a bridge between wavetables and samples giving you the best of both worlds.

The mapping window has a visual overview of 32 Programs. On each Program you can place synthesizer engine parameters housed in what Palm calls ‘Modules’. When a Module is placed on the map its parameters take on the settings of the underlying Program. Those who have no synth programming skills can use this mapping technology to create complex sounds. Power users are not left in the cold though and can dive into tweaking the sounds in the 4 parameter editor pages. These pages contain 3 oscillators, 4 LFOs, Flexible step sequencer/Areggiator, 13 envelopes, 3 noise generators, ringmodulators, filters and much more.

Release is scheduled somewhere in February 2013.