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  • Apple updates Logic Pro X to 10.0.2


    Apple today released Logic Pro X 10.0.2 which includes many bug fixes that improve the stability and reliability. Many bugs that made Logic quit unexpectedly and gave unreliable results with things like Flex editing, Drummer, Track Stacks and many more have been addressed. CPU performance with many audio plugins should also have been improved. Logic […]

  • Apple gives sneak peek of US made Mac Pro


    Apple today gave a rare sneak peek at a future product, namely the new Mac Pro which will be fully assembled in the US. During the WWDC developers conference Apple made an end to the speculation of whether Apple would abandon the professional Mac users. Later this year Apple will release a new Mac Pro […]

  • New Mac Pro in Spring 2013?


    A newsletter from a French Apple Authorized Reseller disclosed to its readers a little secret. Apparantly Apple will be releasing a new Mac Pro this Spring. Last year Tim Cook already dropped a tiny hint that Apple would be releasing a new Mac Pro ‘later’ in 2013 but didn’t mention exactly when. The news comes […]