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  • Problem finding Mix Buddy on iPad App Store

    If you try to find Mix Buddy in the App Store on the iPad, by searching for its name, you won’t be able to find it. Searching for some of Mix Buddy’s keywords like ‘mix’ and ‘tool’ will bring up Mix Buddy without a problem under the iPhone Apps tab.

    This only happens on the iPad. You won’t have this problem on the iPhone, iPod touch or iTunes on Mac or PC When searching for Mix Buddy there you will find it without a problem.

    Apple have acknowledged this problem with newly submitted apps and hope to have this fixed soon! Appologies for any inconvenience.

  • Mix Buddy now available in the App Store

    Mix Buddy the new app that helps you improve your mixing skills and teaches you many aspects of mixing technology is available now in the app store. Using the EQ Blueprints of Mix Buddy you will learn how to recognize frequency characteristics of many instruments. Together with mixing tips it will help you get a […]

  • Mix Buddy waiting for APProval

    Version 1.0 of Mix Buddy is finished and has been submitted to Apple to be approved for the App Store. While this is a great moment for us, we won’t be sitting still. New tutorial videos are already in production and will be added to the first update as soon as possible. We want to […]