• Loop Drummer new in Amplitube

Loop Drummer new in Amplitube

IK Multimedia announce Loop Drummer a new addition to their Amplitube iOS app.

Loop Drummer is a loop based drum module that automatically syncs to Amplitube’s built-in recorder. Using the loops, Loop Drummer will generate Intro, verse, chorus et cetera for your song in a smart way. Clicking the Remix button LD will construct a new full drum track variation. The drum loops are available on a separate channel in the mixer of Amplitube.

Multiple style packs are available like Rock, Blues, Country, Pop, Funk, Punk, Metal, and Electro each containing 64 loops. Each style pack contains song building blocks based around a core beat.  The final drum loops can be exported to iOS’ clipboard or via File Sharing.

Loop Drummer is available now in an update of Amplitube. More info can be found on IK Multimedia’s website.