• Slate Digital's VBC on Sale

VBC from Slate Digital on Sale for $99

Slate Digital is having a sale on their fantastic Virtual Bus compressor or VBC in short.

You can now get the three amazing compressors, FG-Grey, FG Red, and FG-MU for only $99 for a limited time.

If you are not familiar with these plug-ins, watch the video below in which Fabrice Gabriel shows you the VBC compressors.

Acording to Slate Digital, Steven Slate will be posting a lot of new VBC tutorials. He’ll show you how to use the hi-pass filter to make the low end of your mixes sound massive, and he’ll take you through advanced parallel compression techniques using the VBC’s ‘mix knob’.

Get VBC now for only US $99 in Slate Digital’s online shop. But hurry as this deal only lasts ’til May.