• Air Instrument Expansion Pack

Instrument Expansion Pack Hybrid 3, VST, AU Imminent

Air Music Tech has announced the imminent release of their Instrument Expansion Pack with Hybrid 3 and support for VST, AU and AAX formats.

As soon as next week we will see the release of the Instrument Expansion Pack for VST and AU hosts. The IEP will also contain Hybrid 3, an overhauled version of AIR’s additive synthesizer with improved sound quality and lots of new features and presets. Particularly EDM producers will welcome the many new presets that include instantly usable sounds. Hybrid also includes new sequence functions, an improved sound and filter quality and much more.

For the first time since the releaseof IEP, Logic, Live, Cubase and other VST hosts will be able to run the great plugins including Transfuser, Strike, Structure, Loom, Vacuum Pro, Velvet and Hybrid 3.

If youare not familiar with the Instrument Expansion Pack I recommend to go check it out on Air Music Tech’s website. US $299 for seven high quality plug-ins with over 37 GB of sounds and presets is a no-brainer in my opinion.