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  • Elysia Introduces Summer of Video


    Elysia is showing off their hardware and software in a video festival they call Summer of Video. The rest of this year, until Christmas, Elysia will be releasing videos explaining their hardware and showing off what they can do to your sound. The first video released is one about the Elysia mpressor. It shows different […]

  • Elysia Release Museq Plugin


    Elysia released a plugin version of their analog hardware Musical Equalizer called Museq. From Plugin Alliance’s website: “The museq plugin makes elysia´s musical equalizer come alive in your DAW. It offers all the original sounds and functions the hardware is known for, including the outstanding high/low cut filters with resonance and the Warm Mode sound […]

  • Elysia introduces xfilter


    Elysia today introduced their new equalizer. It is a true stereo equalizer, which means it has one set of controls for both the left and right channel. According to Elysia the xfilter has a full Class A circuitry from the discrete input to the output and mix stages. The xfilter uses high grade Burr-Brown OPA […]