• Elysia xfilter

Elysia introduces xfilter

Elysia today introduced their new equalizer. It is a true stereo equalizer, which means it has one set of controls for both the left and right channel.

According to Elysia the xfilter has a full Class A circuitry from the discrete input to the output and mix stages. The xfilter uses high grade Burr-Brown OPA series op-amps to create a pristine audio circuitry.

The xfilter contains high and low cut filters that can be switched into low or high shelving filters. Aditionally you can switch on a resonance control for the filters. Two parametric peak filters for the low and high mid band have switchable quality factors from 0.5 (wide-band) to 1.0 (narrow-band). All potentio-meters on the xfilter are stepped with 41 positions.

For more info on the xfilter visit the info page on Elysia’s website.