• BFD 3 by FXPansion

FXPansion release BFD 3

The new BFD 3 plugin has a 162 GigaByte library that takes up only 55 GB on your hard disk with 7 new kits among which there are Rock, Metal, Jazz and Brush kits.

The kits have been recorded in Ocean Studios California and Omega Studios in Rockville, Maryland by Andrew Scheps, Rail Jon Rogut and John Emrich.

BFD 3 contains a built-in environment for editing and creating patterns. 12 new Effects are added for a total of 33 effects in the plugin. It has a faster and more efficient audio engine, a redesigned browser, a new extendable interface and a more streamlined workflow.

BFD is available on USB 2 flash media or as a downloadable product. For more info visit FXPansion’s website.