• Revoice Pro 2.2 by Synchro Arts

Revoice Pro 2.2 for Mac and Windows

Synchro Arts today released Revoice Pro 2.2 for both Mac and Windows. Revoice Pro is a popular choice amongst Post production engineers that need to time-align and pitch correct location recorded audio like vocals.

Besides the very highly anticipated version for Windows and Logic X. This new version 2.2 also boasts a a faster and simpler workflow with, according to synchro arts, an only 2 click setup. The performance with large sessions has also been improved. Next to that, Revoice Pro includes a new Audio Monitoring plugin that allows users to insert the audio from Revoice Pro into a track in your DAW for sample accurate playback. Apparently this includes Pro Tools HD.

Revoice Pro is now available with a 20% discount for those subscribed to Synchro Arts’ newsletter. For more information visit Synchro Arts’ website.