New Mac Pro CPU Upgrade Confirmed

Other World Computing has confirmed the option of upgrading the CPU in the new (very) late 2013 Mac Pro by replacing the default chip with a faster one that Apple doesn’t provide.

In a blog post, OWC revealed it has succeeded replacing the Mac Pro’s stock Intel Xeon 6-core 3.5GHz chip with a Xeon E5-2667 V2 8-core chip clocked at 3.30GHz with a 25MB cache. The result was a multicore speed increase of approximately 30 percent in a Geekbench test outperforming a previous generation 12-core Mac Pro.

This is great news for Mac Pro owners wishing to extend the life of their machine in the future. At this moment Intel’s Xeon E5 chips are still very expensive but prices are expected to come down. The remaining question is whether Apple will allow these type of CPU upgrades within future upgrades of Mac OS X and whether the upgrade will affect your hardware warranty. OWC will test other chip configurations. To stay up-to-date visit the OWC Blog.