• Audio Defies laws of gravity

3D Audio Defies The Laws of Gravity

It might sound like science fiction but we soon might have a super hero or villain like Magneto. Only this super villain would use audio to levitate objects. Sonneto as you like. It’s probably a bit too soon for a super villain stealing your BLT Bagel from your hands, but levitating objects with sound is definitely no science fiction. Japanese scientist have developed a way to defy the laws of gravity and levitate light weight objects to float in mid-air using nothing but 3D sound.

The technology works by creating standing waves between phased arrays of speakers. Objects placed in between these speakers are held in place by standing waves, which are waves that remain in a constant position. This allows different low weight objects, like bolts, nuts, matches, water and others, to be locked in the standing waves and float in mid-air without falling to the ground. It’s amazing to see everyday objects float in air..

3D Audio helps floating objects in air

But it goes even further. Changing the sound waves played through the speakers, the objects can be controlled and steered through space. Scientists from the University of Tokyo will start experimenting on how larger objects can be hold in air using acoustic levitation. Yes!! I want that in a plugin, so I can have my cup of tea and biscuits floating over to me without having to leave my chair.