• Lacie Little Big Disk 2

Lacie Announce Little Big Disk 2

Little Big Disk 2 is Lacie’s latest external hard disk offering following up the original Little Big Disk.

The second incarnation of the Little Big Disk still has the same space for two 2,5″ hard disks or Solid State Drives but now comes with a Thunderbolt 2 connection. This increases transfer speed to a maximum of 1375 MB per second. This is an amazing transfer rate considering a disk that fits in the palm of your hand. The new Thunderbolt 2 connection has two Thunderbolt 2 connections using the same standard Thunderbolt connectors. This gives you the option to daisy chain six of these drives or have five Little Big Disk 2 and a 4K display connected on just one port.

Lacie Little Big Disk 2 Daisy Chained to a Mac Pro 2013

Lacie has made the Little Big Disk 2 a perfect companion for the new Mac Pro 2013 by giving it the same anodised aluminium look. Audio engineers, mixers and producers will be happy to hear that the drive has a whisper-quiet operation mode due to a dual cooling system. The drive weighs only 620 grams making it a very fast portable drive.

Pricing of the disk has yet to be announced. Extensive information on the Little Big Disk 2 can be found on Lacie’s website.