• FilterShaper 3

Cableguys Release FilterShaper 3 Beta

FilterShaper 3 is the new version of Cableguys’ flagship filter plugin. It has two powerful filters with freely editable modulation curves that give you practical unlimited options.

According to Cableguys’ the new Sallen-Key filters deliver a rich and warm sound. These filters can help you create complex, shifting and interweaving effects with subtle nuances or giant wobbles. You can run the two filters in serial or parallel using simple but very effective controls. All main controls have their own modulation section with two LFOs and one envelope follower.

Each LFO has its own speed and intensity control and all LFOs can also be triggered via midi. Behind each LFO’s curve there’s a waveform view showing you the effect of the LFOs in real-time. FilterShaper 3 offers two filters with a total of 60 LFOs and 50 envelope followers for shaping your sound.

I already own Volumeshaper plus their free Pancake plugin, and I can say that Cableguys make some great plugins that sound fantastic. The only thing that is stopping me from trying the demo of Filtershaper (and maybe even write a review) is that it is not (yet?) available in AAX format for Pro Tools 11. I’m tempted to test the VST version hosted in Vienna Ensemble Pro 5, but would much rather prefer to have an AAX version. Unfortunately none of their plugins are available in AAX yet so I’m really missing VolumeShaper and PanCake in Pro Tools 11. Let’s hope that AAX will be released soon.

If you use VST or AU plugins though nothing is stopping you from trying the demo of FilterShaper. If you buy FilterShaper 2 now for $69 US or €49 you will get a free upgrade to FilterShaper 3. Regular price is $89 US or €69. For more info on FilterShaper 3 and the demo download link, visit Cableguys’ website.