Happy New yEar

We have entered 2014, a new year with new opportunities and it’s that time again where we try to look into the crystal ball to see what this year will bring us. Will our ears be treated to new sounds, new mixing styles or musical genres? Will there be new types of instruments and what will the music trend and smash hit of 2014 be? What progression will you have in your mixing and instrument playing?

You could wait and see (or hear), but you don’t have to sit still. Go and create your own style, design new crazy sounds, abuse your synthesiser, change your approach to how you mix, learn to play a new instrument. There’s so much that you can do, just make sure you never stop learning!

To help you improve your mixing and producing skills, we have great plans for Mix Buddy and the Protootr blog. There will be more features and content for both and we will release them at a more regular basis. Plus the blog will grow in new directions. More will be revealed here in the coming months.

But first there’s NAMM to look forward to. What will plugin developers have to show us? We would like to hear what the new Virtual Mix Rack software from Slate Digital will sound like. Let’s also hope for great innovation in DAW workflow and possibilities. Personally I am wishing for some new features in Pro Tools and am looking forward to work with it on the new Mac Pro.

What is it that you are looking forward to? Whatever your plans are for 2014, we wish you a wonderful and happy new yEar full of exciting things!!