• LFOTool by Xfer Records

Xfer Records LFOTool 1.2 Gains AAX Support

Xfer Records have their eye on Pro Tools users. Last week we reported on the release of an AAX version of CThulhu. Today they released LFOTool with support for Pro Tools 10 and 11 users.

LFOTool is an FX utility plug-in for VST, AudioUnit and now also AAX 32 and 64-bit DAWs on both Mac OS X and Windows. It gives music producers and mix engineers a multitude of MIDI-triggered and/or tempo-synchronized effects. The most popular uses of LFOTool are for sidechain-compression simulation/ducking, autopan, trance-gate, phaser/flanger/comb filter FX.

LFOTool 1.2 adds the following features:
• ProTools AAX Support, both 32 and 64 (PT10 and 11)
• Filter frequency plot display, when mouse is over filter section.
• Crossover (lower-right), to optionally only process LF or HF at user-adjustable frequency split.
• Formant Filters.
• Many additional bug fixes.

LFOTool is available from Xfer Records for US $49. A demo version can also be downloaded. More info can be found on the LFOTool page of Xfer Records’ website.

Xfer Records also has a couple of great Freeware plug-ins including a new beta version of OTT that also gets AAX support.