• PolyKB II by XILS-Lab

PolyKB II Now AAX 32 and 64-bit Compatible

AAX is gaining ground as it’s raining AAX plug-ins lately. XILS Lab announced that their PolyKB II synthesizer is now fully compatible with AAX 32 and 64-bit hosts. Good news for Pro Tools 11 users.

The PolyKB II captures the sound and spirit of the legendary RSF PolyKobol Analog synthesizer. It has continuously morphing oscillators, a filter capable of self oscillating, Full modulations tools with a customizable modulation matrix, an 8 part Polysequencer, 2 standard ADSR Envelopes and LFOs, plus plenty of Delay, Chorus, Phaser, and EQ Effects.

Here’s an overview of all its features:
– two aliasing-free morphing oscillators: from triangle to pulse, through saw.
– One 4 poles low pass self oscillating filter
– two envelope generators (ADSR)
– two MIDI synced LFO
– One MIDI synced Sample and Hold
– One 128 steps polyphonic sequencer
– One arpeggiator (monophonic and polyphonic)
– Chorus, delay, phaser and EQ effects
– Mono/Unison/Poly playing mode with up to 16 voices of polyphony
– All parameters are MIDI controllable

The PolyKB II is available as a AU, VST and now AAX 32 and 64-bit plug-in. The full version costs €149 and is available from XILS-Lab’s web store.