• Waves Dugan Automixer

Waves Announce Dugan Automixer Plugin

Waves announce the Dugan Automixer, a plugin developed in association with renowned pro audio inventor Dan Dugan.

Dan Dugan is widely recognized as the inventor of the automatic microphone mixer. He has been involved in the professional audio industry for his entire career, spanning four decades. The Dugan Automixer plugin, uses the same voice activated process as Dan Dugan’s hardware Automixers. This automaticaly adjusts the gains of up to 64 channels of multiple microphone inputs in real time. It also reduces feedback, room noise and comb filtering from adjacent microphones. The gain is maintained on a consistent level, even when multiple speakers are talking simultaneously. It does with perfectly matched crossfades and without sigbal compression or the use of any noise gates.

The Dugan Automixer is designed as a solution for broadcast news panels, houses of worship, talk shows, film and television dialog recording, and any other discussion panel or conference scenario involving multiple microphones.

The Dugan Automixer is a native plugin for the Waves MultiRack system or for the Waves Soundgrid system. It is available now for US $500 on Waves’ website.