• Superior Drummer 2

Toontrack releases Superior Drummer 2.4

Toontrack announced an update for Superior Drummer. Among the improvements and new features Superior Drummer 2.4 comes with support for the core sounds of EZ Drummer 2 and future EZXs.

Next to this Superior Drummer 2.4 has a large number of improvements and. Here’s the full list:

New in version 2.4.0
– support for EZdrummer 2 core sound libraries and future EZXs
– support for EZdrummer 2 percussion (available as X-drum in
  ‘Producer preset Sounds’ submenu)
– support for EZdrummer 2 EZX presets
– new mapping tab highlighting of the articulation currently playing
– new Velocity Ctrl feature indicating incoming and outgoing velocity
– new Help menu header that describes version, build, bits and format of the plug-in

Improved in version 2.4.0
– busses can now have the same name as existing mic channels
  (names must be unique within the same class)
– during bounce each phase is described by the bounced files
  name rather than the corresponding mic name
– special handling of right channel output names for Sonar X
  series and Ableton Live
– the X-drum mic assignment window can now be scrolled if required
– improved X-mics assignment from and to the special ‘Kit’
  mics found in The Classic EZX
– additional auto-allocation of X-mics rules to minimize manual assignments
– change in the built-in configs for Pop/Rock in line with newly released EZX
– updated Yamaha E-drum preset in line with EZdrummer 2
Fixed in version 2.4.0:
– AAX version now ignores the Mono All setting
  (not relevant to ProTools)
– AAX version on Windows should no longer crash if a new instance
  is created after you have loaded 2GB of sounds already
– fix for faulty sends occuring after copying from a mono to stereo
  channel or after a send has been removed then reinstated
– fix for issues when bouncing mute tails and swirls
– progress bar during bounce should no longer disappears when the
  plug-in window is closed and reopened
– Help Menu link ‘Content Providers’ changed to ‘Expand Superior
  Drummer’ and points to Superior Line Products page

Known issues with the current version of Superior can be reviewed at: