• Noligraph 5 line staff pen

Noligraph 5 line staff pen

Sometimes you come up against something small and brilliant that can enhance your musical/songwriting life.

Recognize this situation? You have a nice melodic or harmonic idea in your head and you haven’t got something to save or rrecord it for later. You think, “Oh, I’ll write it down in the morning or when I come home from shopping.” Then in the morning the cat barfed up a half eaten bird or you bump into a friend in the supermarket. After this you totally forget the musical idea you had and seriously regret not having written it down immediately.

Meet the Noligraph 5 line staff pen. A pen that instantly draws a 5 line musical staff for you. Very handy for when you are on holiday or on the road and you want to write down that melody that spontaneaouly popped up in your head. You can have the pen in the car or next to your bed and quickly jot down the idea you have. You see it doesn’t have to be high tech to be great and extremely useful. But you can say that this is a totally analog piece of equipment 😉

More information on the Noiligraph can be found on their website. You can order the pen from Amazon for around $23 US.