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Roland Teases With AIRA, Next Generation TR-808 [update]

Roland has been teasing AIRA as the next generation of the TR-808 drum machine.

Not much is known yet, except that Roland is teasing with a simple website showing a video and a new logo of AIRA. According to the AIRA video, it will be an evolution of the famous analog TR-808 drum machine that featured in many classic recordings since the 1980’s. From some fast flashes of the new instrument in the video, you can see it sports silver colored buttons that sport green lights. Perhaps explaining the green AIRA logo.

Roland's AIRA, Next Generation TR-808

A new trend is here with synthesizer hardware and software developers. Namely reproducing classic analog gear or create completely new inventions of analog synthesizers. Examples are the Korg MS-20 mini, Novation Bass Station and Arturia Mini and Microbrute. These have sold like hot cakes and have started an explosion of companies announcing relatively affordable analog hardware.

AIRA could well be the next in line. What features it will sport and whether it will be affordable is not clear yet. To keep an eye on developments you can visit the AIRA Webpage.

Photo’s of the AIRA have been popping up on the internet plus a photo of what could be a remake of the voice-transformer. By examining the photo it could well be named the TR-8. What is definitely clear is that green is the color for Roland’s new drum machine.

Roland's AIRA

Is this the Roland AIRA Voice Transformer Remake??