• Pro Tools 11.1

Pro Tools 11.1 at NAMM 2014?

NAMM 2014 is around the corner. From 23 to 26 January pro audio software and hardware developers big and small will gather in sunny Anaheim California to show their new hardware, plug-ins and DAW features.

Speaking about DAWs, rumor has it that Pro Tools 11.1 will be released at NAMM. That would be very welcome. What I wish for most in Pro Tools 11.1 is the return of the Eleven Rack window. As it is now my creative workflow is heavily impeded by the lack of proper Eleven Rack implementation. ( And while we’re at it a nice upgrade with new effects for the 11R would be nice too. )

Besides the obligatory bug fixing, I would love for some new features to see the light of day. At the top of my wish list are New Mac Pro compatibility and Folders in the Clip List ( Where has the implementation for Folders in the Clip List gone on the Ideascale website? It was on spot 2 and it seems to have disappeared. ) Other features I’d like to see are:
– a proper Freeze Track implementation
– elastic fades/crossfades for Elastic Audio clips in Clip Groups,
– a snap to transient function for the Selector Tool
– better workflow and quality of Elastic Pitch
– Rename Instruments View to Midi I/O (see picture)
– Rename I/O View to Audio I/O (see picture)

This last one would just make the interface much more user friendly, not to mention my life so much easier explaining the Instrument Track during a Pro Tools training 😉

Now if only Slate Digital would release their VCC, VTM and FG-X plug-ins in AAX 64-bit format. I will be fully ready to use my hopefully soon new Mac Pro running Pro Tools 11.1. What would you like to see at NAMM 2014?

Idea for changing Pro Tools I/O View and Instrument ViewThis is how I would like to see the I/O interface in Pro Tools. As it is currently, the midi inputs move depending on the type of track. Design wise that’s not a very neat solution. It’s like your steering wheel is on the left, except when you have a passenger, then it’s in the back. Fun aside, I believe this would really improve the workflow and make the interface a lot easier, especially for first-time Pro Tools users.