• Apple's 2013 Mac Pro

New Mac Pro Available to Order Tomorrow

We had to wait a while but the new Mac Pro will finally be available for you to order on the Apple Store, Apple Retail Stores and Apple Authorised Resellers from Thursday December 19.

Prices of the two standard configurations have already been published. The entry level Quad-core Mac Pro will cost $2.999 US and the high End model with a 6-core processor, a better Firepro D500 graphics card and more RAM will cost you $3.999 US.

Build to order prices are not yet known but its expected that upgrading the entry level 4-core configuration to a 6-core will add approximately 400 to 500 dollars to the standard price. Upgrading the graphics card from the Firepro D300 to the D500 will add about another $400.

We’ll keep you posted as soon as more information on the pricing becomes available.