Nomad Factory Fund Raising No Brainer Deal

Don’t Crack is selling Nomad Factory’s Magnetic II, Echoes and Cosmos for a no brainer deal of $19 US each.

This deal has been brought to life by Don’t Crack for the support of Nomad Factory’s Bernie Torelli who is fighting a serious spine disease due to cancer. Via an open letter Don’t Crack explains that Bernie is in a serious situation but has a good chance to make a full recovery if the right care is being given. Here’s the letter from Don’t Crack:

Dear Friends,

Our long time partner Bernie Torelli at Nomad Factory needs your help !

Today we are sad to announce that our friend Bernie Torelli has been admitted in a hospital in Los-Angeles for a serious spine disease due to a cancer he was diagnosed with over two years ago. Although it is very serious at this time, there are chances that Bernie will make a full recovery, if all the necessary care is done. But the medical costs have already devastated Bernie’s family financial situation, making any chance of necessary surgery nearly impossible !

We have therefore decided to help him out by raising funds by promoting and donating the receipts of three of Nomad Factory’s best selling products: MAGNETIC II, ECHOES and COSMOS at the no brainer cost of ONLY $19.

The Magnetics Bundle II that contains ALL three plug-ins is actually dropped at ONLY $49 ! And all other Nomad Factory products are sold at up to 70% discount until December 31.

It is needless to say that 90% of the income provided through this promotion will be directly sent to Bernie’s wife for her to manage the mounting health costs but also continue to pay Nomad Factory’s employees that have been continuously working on product development and customer support during Bernie’s illness.

That is certainly the most important reason for Bernie to fight for his life as all of his time has loyally been devoted to his work, his employees, his friends and most of all, his family. Great new products are almost ready to launch…


Support Bernie and Nomad Factory and get a yourself one of the three (or all) no-brainer deals and support Bernie’s recovery. You can find the individual deals on these Magnetic II, Echoes and Cosmos pages. For the bundle deal visit this page on Dont Crack’s website. Protootr wishes Bernie and his family all the strength for overcoming this disease and difficult time.