• Neumann KH 310A monitors

Neumann releases KH 310A monitors

Last year I was in the market for new monitors. My thrustworthy Genelecs 1030A weren’t doing it anymore for me. So after crossing the country visiting different dealers I had the chance to demo a pair of Klein + Hummel O300. I can tell you they are up to now the best monitors I have heard in my control room and I demoed a lot of them. A friend of mine summarized it very well. “You just gained 10 meters of studio behind your monitors.” That’s the depth and clarity they gave me. So yeah, I bought them. Even though I knew Neumann was on the verge of refreshing the Klein + Hummel lineup I just had to have them. It took Neumann almost a whole year though to come up with the new versionKH 310. Looking at the specs there’s not a huge amount of difference with the O300.

The KH 310A has the same dimensions and the same three-way closed cabinet driver system with the Mathematically Modeled Dispersion tweeter allowing for a wide stereo image. At the back you have the same acoustic controls for Bass, Low-mids and Treble. What I do like is that Neumann has changed the acoustic control to switches instead of the tiny pot meters that you have to twist with a small Philips screw driver. Next to the acoustic controls you have an Input Gain knob, an output level attenuation, ground lift and display brightness for the light in the logo on the front.

The typical K+H red logo – that lights up when you turn it on and blinks when you overload the monitors – has been replaced by a white Neumann logo. The frequency range of the 310A is 34 Hz – 21 kHz where the O300 has a range of 35 – 24 kHz and the maximum output of the monitors has increased from 112 dBSPL for the O300 to 120.2 dBSPL for the 310A. But I’m just comparing numbers here of course you just have to listen to these monitors to judge and highly probably appreciate the real quality. Just like the O300 the 310A come in dedicated left and right models and are made to be placed horizontal. A lot of accessories are available to mount the monitors on wall, stands and even the ceiling.

No pricing has been given yet for the 310A but they probably won’t cheap. If you are in the market though for some fantastic Professional high end Monitors, you should definitely go to your nearest dealer and give these babies a listen. But be warned, you might end up driving home having them on the back seat of your car.