• IK MultiMedia announces iRig BlueBoard

IK MultiMedia announces iRig BlueBoard

The new iRig Blueboard is a bluetooth wireless MIDI pedalboard controller allowing you to control music apps on your iPad, iPhone or Bluetooth supporting Macs. Aimed at guitarsts and keyboard players the iRig BlueBoard has four backlit switches that allow you to control over patch changes, switching effects on or off but also control volume or wah effects by pluging a pedal into the BlueBoard’s expansion TRS inputs.

The wireless pedalboard can also be used to send MIDI control mesages like Bank Up/Down, Program Changes, Parameter changes and Continuous Controller data to any Core MIDI app on your iPad or iPhone. The iRig BlueBoard is said to be able to communicate with your iOS device or Mac from up to 10 meters (32 feet) away. It is only 23 cm 9.1″ wide and runs on four AAA batteries.

More info can be found on IK MultiMedia’s website.