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Mix Buddy Development Update

We thought to just give you a brief update on the development of Mix Buddy. We haven’t disclosed much information lately but we want to assure you that we are still working very hard on a brand new version.

At this moment, a lot of our time goes into development of a Universal Binary version. This will allow new and current owners to not only run Mix Buddy on the iPhone but also on an iPad without having to pay for the app again. The iPad version will have a new but still very familiar user interface that makes full use of the screen real-estate of the iPad. The iPhone version will receive some minor interface tweaks to make it better looking. But don’t worry, nothing too drastic. And of course new tutorial videos and EQ Blueprints will be a big part of future updates. No release date is available yet, but more news will be given as soon we have we it.

Thanks to all of those who have bought and supported Mix Buddy.