• MAutoDynamicEQ by Melda Production

Melda Production 8.0.3 beta Gains AAX Compatibility

Melda Production has released version 8.0.3 of their plug-in suite and Pro Tools users will rejoice with the fact that this version has gained AAX compatibility.

Many Pro Tools users have been drooling over the high quality plug-ins from Melda Production and finally their request have been answered. Melda production has released a public beta version 8.0.3 of their plug-ins. The beta AAX plug-ins have 32 and 64-bit compatibility for Mac OS X users and 64-bit for Windows users. This means that Mac users will have access to Melda production’s plug-ins for both Pro Tools 10 and 11. While Windows users can use them in Pro Tools 11 only. There’s no news on whether 32-bit versions will be released for Windows users as well.

Melda Production’s plug-ins have long enjoyed popularity among VST and AU compatible DAW users like Cubase and Logic. Thier plug-ins are known for having dual user-interface options. You can either choose to have an easy mode for quick results or use the advanced mode for deep paramater editing. Som of the popular plug-ins from Melda Production are the MAutoDynamicEQ, the MDynamicEQ, MAutoAlign and the MMultiBandConvolution.

The 8.0.3 version doesn’t just deliver AAX compatibility. According to Melda the 8.0.3 beta is a completely new version that is not yet available and contains new features. The very best thing about their plug-ins is that they have a very high quality, the prices are very affordable, you don’t need a dongle, and when you buy them you are entitled to free updates, forever.

So go check them out. Visit Melda Production’s website for more information on the AAX 8.0.3 beta version and the free trial download link.

Watch one of their great plug-ins in action, the MAutoAlign.