• HOFA Christmas Mix and Remix Contest 2013

HOFA is Back With Christmas Mix and Remix Contest 2013

What better way is there than to use the EQ Blueprints and mix tips from Mix Buddy on a mix contest that can win you a €1.000 in cash. HOFA is back with their new Christmas Mix and Remix Contest.

The new Christmas song that HOFA’s presenting, combines pop, rock and electronic music. Anyone can enter the competition and HOFA will give away € 1.000 in cash TWICE. One for the best mix and one for the best remix. You have to submit your stereo mix or remix before January 21 2014.

More information and the download of the tracks for the song can be found on on HOFA’s website. The page is in German but it shouldn’t be a problem to find the details. For those with trouble reading the page, send your mix or remix on a cd including your name and e-mail address to:

Kennwort: XMAS Mix Contest 2013
Lusshardtstr. 1-3
D-76689 Karlsdorf