Harrison Mixbus Group Buy Reaches 75% Discount

The Harrison Mixbus Group-Buy that is being held by Don’t Crack, has reached well over the set limit of 500 buyers (841 at this moment).

Don’t Crack had set the limit of the Group-Buy to 500 buyers. Now that this has been met Don’t Crack is giving a 75% discount on different Harrison Mixbus software configurations. Here’s an overview of the prices as they are now.

– Mixbus v2 Complete $199

– Mixbus v2 Complete Upgrade $159

– Mixbus v2 + Plug-in Essentials $59

– Mixbus v2 $39

– Plug-in Essentials Bundle $29

The Group-Buy runs til January 27th. So if you haven’t got it you better hurry and visit Don’t Crack’s website. Never heard of Mixbus? Read more about it here on Harrison’s website.