• SubPac a new kind of subwoofer

Feel the Bass with SubPac

Mixing becomes a whole different experience when you listen, uh no, feel the deep bass sounds in your mix with the SubPac.

It’s a new way to experience the ultra low frequencies while mixing. Funded with the aid of Kickstarter a crowdsourcing mediator website that has made an enormous amount of projects possible.

Back to the SubPac. It’s sort of a cushion that you place against the back of your seat which will then vibrate to the sound fed via the line in acting like a sensory subwoofer. You can also plug in a headphone to enjoy the deep bass sounds of the music on your Phone, iPad or iPod. Here’s a short video explaining the workings of the SubPac.

More info can be found on the SubPac website.

And because it’s such a cool product here’s another video about SubPac in the studio featuring Dub Legend ‘Scientist’.