Avid announces S6 Work Surface

Avid today teased us with a video showing the S6 Work Surface for controlling Pro Tools. The new desk looks very colorful and modern. The video gives us a glimpse of new and intriguing features.

The S6 has what looks like LCD-metering, showing not only the obvious meters but also the channel’s audio waveform in a vertical orientation right next to the meters. There’s also an integrated touch screen (or maybe even iPad compatibility). The touch screen makes total sense for controlling plugin parameters. Virtual faders don’t have great tactility on a touch screen so physical faders are still the best. But when it comes to adjusting plugin parameters, a touch screen would make a good interface. It could easily show all the available parameters which could then simply be adjusted by touching the screen. Asigning parameters to knobs on the desk will probably be history.

The S6 will be revealed at the IBC next week which is being held in Amsterdam from 13-14 september.