• Translator 6 from Chicken Systems

Chicken Systems updates Translator 6 for OS X 10.9

Chicken Systems has updated Translator 6 with support for Mac OS X Mavericks including many new features and bug fixes.

New features for Translator 6 include:

  1. Updated MachFive 3 and Korg Kronos/M3 conversions
  2. Kontakt now handles multiple filters from Ensoniq, Korg and Kurzweil
  3. Full Akai MPC floppy support and MPC improvements
  4. Emulator X options added for orphaned samples and root key
  5. Now supports full Logic-X ESX24 files
  6. Improved Synclavier disk reading

Chicken Systems also upgraded many of their other products like Instrument Manager, Kontakt Assistent, Motif Creator and MV Kit Creator.