• Pro Tools 11.1

Avid Releases Pro Tools 11.1

Today Avid gave Pro Tools 11 users an early Christmas gift by releasing the Pro Tools 11.1 update with lots of bugs fixed.

Pro Tools 11.1 includes stability improvements and resolves many issues. One of them is the compatibility with OS X 10.8.5 and OS X 10.9 (10.9.1 is not mentioned so probably no support there yet). The 11.1 update comes earlier than expected. The general assumption was that Avid would release the update at NAMM 2014 in January.

While stability and bug fixing are of course highly welcome and the most important elements for those that use Pro Tools to make a living, I can’t help but feel a tiny disappointed over the lack of new features in this latest update. The main feature I was hoping for is not even a new feature but simply the return of the Eleven Rack control window within Pro Tools 11. On the other hand this might also be seen as good news. Avid might be doing a thorough rewrite of the Eleven Rack Firmware and the functions of the Eleven Rack edit window. Maybe even a stand-alone editor. It’s almost Christmas so let’s keep an optimistic spirit.

One last thing I hoped to see was support for the new Mac Pro, but that might simply be a little too early since Apple released the new high-end computer only a few days ago.

Even without any new functionality, this update is very welcome and one that will hopefully make working with Pro Tools 11 an even better experience than it already was. For the extensive list of all the issues addressed and those that are still present (OS X Mavericks still has some documented issues), visit the Pro Tools 11.1 Knowledge Base page on Avid’s website.