Apple releases iOS 7.1

Apple has released iOS 7.1 with bug fixes and improvements. It is available from iTunes or within your iOS Device.

One of the most discussed new features in iOS 7.1 is CarPlay. Announced in March this year, CarPlay is Apple’s infotainment system for in the car. It will give users safe and easy to use access to iTunes, Siri, Maps, GPS routing and the ability to make and answer calls or to send message via Siri and iMessage.

Talking about Siri, you can now control Siri more accurate by holding down the home button to begin speaking and releasing it when you’re finished. This makes the process of using Siri much faster and accurate. Before this feature you had to wait until Siri noticed you stopped asking a question. There are also more voices available in different languages both male and female.

There are numerous interface tweaks and improvements like when making or answering a phone call, a better use of Month view in Calendar, the option to automatically use HDR when taking pictures, an improved Touch ID recognition of the fingerprint and more. iPhone 4 users will also see an improvement in responsiveness and performance.