• Apple event 22 October 2013

Will We Finally See The New Mac Pro Released?

Apple announced an event to be held on the 22nd of October with the title: “We still have a lot to cover”.

The title could either be referring to the avalanche of rumors that have been flooding the internet, but still don’t cover it all. Or it could refer to redesigned covers for new to be released iPads. Who knows? To be honest, all I want to hear is a release date for the new Mac Pro. Many musicians and audio professionals have eagerly awaited the, what is supposed to be, new ultra powerful Mac Pro.

It’s sleek and clever one fan design should deliver us a great studio computer that has plenty of power and is hopefully very silent. The latter is a great bonus for the smaller home and project studios that don’t have a proper isolated machine room for their equipment.

Commercials on the new Mac Pro promise a Fall 2013 release. Hopefully the event on 22 October will reveal when these machine will be available for purchase.