UVI Announce UVX-10P Vintage Soft Synth

A new Analog Synth modelling plugin by UVI was announced today. The UVX-10P is a Vintage Soft Synth inspired by three analog synths: the JX-10, MKS-70 and JX-8P. It works with the free UVI Workstation and MOTU’s MachFive.

UVX-10P has a A fully-programmable interface that lets you craft your own patches with the UVI high-quality amp, multimode filter designs, multiple effects, LFO, step modulator and much more. It is based on pristine JX-10, MKS-70, and JX-8P synthesizers, programmed and sampled in high-resolution. As with the UVX-3P, every sample is made twice. One with and one without the built-in chorus. According to UVI, this sonic foundation paired with the UVI Engine results in “a lush and extravagant analog sound; faithful to the hardware with a modern studio bite”. It delivers a fully-programmable interface. It comes with a tediously crafted library of 150+ patches and original wave samples for you to create your own programs with. Watch the UVX-10P in action.

The UVX-10P runs in all DAWS, including Pro Tools 11, using the UVI Workstation software. It is available now for $99 US. More information and sound examples can be found on UVI’s website.