• Rumor: Apple to release new Mac Pro Spring 2013

Could US produced Mac be the next Mac Pro?

Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed yesterday that a new refresh of an existing Mac product will be the first product built completely in the U.S.

As many audio pro’s are anxiously waiting for a new Mac Pro we can’t help but wonder (or maybe hope is the better word) that this new machine will be a new version of Apple’s high-end Mac Pro computer. The World Wide Developers Conference seems like the place to announce such a product. The Mac Pro is in need of a refresh as it is the only Mac still missing a Thunderbolt connection.¬†Another issue is the fact that Apple had to stop Mac Pro sales in Europe due to an EU ¬†regulatory issue with the machine’s unprotected fans.

Many Professionals of the Audio, Video and Graphics industries have expressed they are waiting for a new Mac Pro to replace their old machines. Many have a problem with their current Mac Pro’s from 2007 and earlier because they can’t run the latest version of Apple’s operating system called Mountain Lion. Those of us with a Mac Pro from 2007 and older wanting to run the upcoming Pro Tools 11 are also in great need of upgrading their machine. Pro Tools 11 will only be officially supported by Avid on Mountain Lion and Mac Pro’s beyond version 3.1.