• Toontrack Songwriting competition

Toontrack $10.000 EZ Drummer 2 Songwriting Competition

Toontrack is holding a big competition. And it is really big. You can win $10.000 dollars in cash if you are a songwriter and send in the best song.

Toontrack is giving away US $10.000 with the EZ Drummer 2 Songwriting competition. If you write songs alone, with a co-writer, or with your band, you can win the cash prize by sending in your best original composition. You can upload a video or audio track of your song or submit a YouTube link through this app before the submission round ends. It doesn’t end there though. You have to share and promote your song as much as you can throughout the voting round. The 15 entries with the most votes will go through to the final stage, and face the judges. They will determine the winner, runner-up and second runner-up.

You don’t have to use EZ Drummer 2 or any other Toontrack products. There are no limitations to what products you use to record, the genre, gender or country. This competition is open to all as long as your song is an original composition, written solely by you or as part of a collective (a band or group of individuals). Only one song per entering party/songwriter is allowed. You have to be over the age of 13 though and of course no cover material is accepted.

Regarding copyright, your song will stay yours. Toontrack claims no ownership or further use of any songs outside of the competition.

The competition runs from June til september 2014. You can find more info on Toontrack’s website and this Melwater productions Facebook page.