• Supercharger GT by Native Instruments

Supercharger GT Released by Native Instrument

Supercharger GT is the big brother of the previously released Supercharger plug-in which was available for free last year Christmas.

SUPERCHARGER GT delivers tube compression with rich, harmonically-driven sound. The GT variant comes with additional saturation and character controls for detailed tweaking. Three new saturation types allow you to add Mild, Crisp, or wham bam slam saturation to enliven tracks from subtle harmonic enhancement to raw attitude. Three Character settings, Fat, Warm, and Aggressive, fill in the missing low end or smooth out unruly high frequencies by turning the single Character knob.

Automatic make-up gain allows you to focus on what the compression and saturation does to your sound instead of being mislead by level differences. You can choose from popular Attack and Release settings. Dedicated response controls let you fine tune to perfection.

Mid/side mode lets you creat space in your mix. The detector high pass filter prevents low end signals in the side-chain from mis-triggering the compressor.

Supercharger GT costs $ 99 US and is available from Native Instruments’ website. An update for owners of Supercharger is also available and costs $49 US or €49.