Spitfire Soon Release Hans Zimmer Percussion Library

According to Spitfire, they are about to release their most most definitive collection of cinematic style percussion Produced by Hans Zimmer.

The recordings for this library were done in the prestigious hall of Air-studios by Geoff Foster. The percussion was performed by the same players that did films such as Inception, The Ring, Hannibal and all three Batman movies by Christopher Nolan. For the recording process 96 rarefied microphones were connected to Neve Montserrat pre-amps into the world’s biggest Neve 88R desk via a dual chain of HDX and Prism converters running at 192k. The recordings for this library comprised of well over 30 TB of raw material.

Release Date for the library should be somewhere in November 2013. Price has not yet been disclosed. For more info and a list of the instruments in the library visit Spitfire’s website.