• Little PrimalTap delay

SoundToys Releases Free Little PrimalTap Delay

Devil Loc, Little Radiator, and Little Microshift preceded and it is becoming a very welcome habit of SoundToys to release a light plug-in for free and then follow that up with a paid upgrade to the full version. Today they do it again by releasing Little PrimalTap.

Little PrimalTap is a free delay plug-in that is modelled after the classic Lexicon Prime Time from 1978, Little Primal Tap captures the distinctive sound of this characteristic vintage digital delay. The simple interface of Little PrimalTap allows you to echo, loop, warp, distort, mangle, or create cacophonous cascades of weird sounds.

Lexicon Prime Time Delay

The original Lexicon Prime Time was used to create rich guitar delay, chorus, and flanging. The unique character of it’s sound came from one of it’s limitations. It had a feature called Multiply that halved the sample rate each time the delay was doubled. This weird sound is exactly what SoundToys have recreated with Little PrimalTap. The Multiply knob gives extra delay time that delivers drastic tonal changes with each increase. The Adjust knob creates pitch shifts, chorus, or flange when moved. Feedback and Input drive make the wacky delay complete. The Feedback can go infinite, and SoundToys has doubled the 256ms of delay time from the original (128ms if you had the non-expanded one) to 512ms.

More Information on Little PrimalTap can be found on SoundToys’ website.

Don’t wait. Get your free SoundToys Little PrimalTap delay plug-in now.