Softube Releases Free 64-bit AAX Saturation Knob Plug-in

Pro Tools 11 users will jump for joy, hearing that the free Saturation Knob from Softube has finally been released as a 64-bit AAX plug-in.

As the name implies, Saturation Knob is a one-knob saturation plugin, modelling output distortion that can add warmth to your tracks. Use it to fatten up bass lines, add some harmonics and shimmer to vocals, or simply destroy your drum loop. Next to the large saturation knob, the plug-in has a switch to select between Keep High, Neutral or Keep Low. These give you three kinds of distortion characters. If you want to squash a drum loop but keep the bass drum fairly intact, you can for example use the Keep Low mode.

Ever since Pro Tools 10 has been released, Saturation knob has been a free download in the form of a 32-bit AAX plug-in. As of today Pro Tools 11 users can also use the plug-in. All you have to do is fill in a small form to download your copy.

Saturation Knob is also built into Cakewalk SONAR X1 Producer as a ProChannel module. Reason users can buy Saturation Knob for €25 as a Rack Extension for Reason in the Propellerhead Shop.