• Slate Digital VTM

Slate Digital updates VTM to version

Slate Digital released a new update of Virtual Tape Machines with lots of fixes and imprivements. The Update is now available for download from your user account on Slate Digital’s website.
This update is recommended for all users of VTM. The following fixes are addressed:

Bug Fixes
[VTM-346] – ProTools Compare function doesn’t work
[VTM-361] – VU Needle Stays Pinned After Clip LED is Illuminated
[VTM-365] – When Opening GUI, Reels Display is Delayed (White Space)
[VTM-395] – Blank GUI When Opening Plugin for Second Time
[VTM-402] – Graphical issue with clip LED
[VTM-405] – Windows Installers – Read-Only Error
[VTM-416] – Graphical Glitch in Peak Indicator of Left VU Meter
[VTM-418] – Settings Not Retained & Crashing
[VTM-419] – Reels Spin with Transport Stopped
[VTM-421] – Issue with host processing in-place buffer
[VTM-422] – Crash when using control surface to adjust the plugin’s parameters.
[VTM-423] – Random crash during multiple instances creation in AAX.
[VTM-362] – Plugin Window Resize Not Working
[VTM-403] – Reels are displayed over No iLok Found panel
[VTM-404] – Reels displayed on disabled panel
[VTM-345] – Licensing Issues
[VTM-380] – Stuck Signal when changing Wow & Flutter & Speed
[VTM-399] – RTAS is broken in protected builds
[VTM-401] – Re-train VTM
[VTM-417] – Major Instabilities due to Permissions
[VTM-394] – Switches active zone too small for dragging
[VTM-417] – Crashing PT11HD on Instantiation
[VTM-426] – Meters Frozen After Importing Session Data

[VTM-344] – Installers should remove old binaries
[VTM-407] – Setting panel animation
[VTM-411] – “No choice” for Save menu
[VTM-412] – About panel changes
[VTM-400] – Graphics performance improvements
[VTM-427] – Cleanup AudioSuite and Transport State (RTAS)

Known Issues
The following issues are known and have been scheduled for fixing.

[VTM-414] – VST Crashes / Hangs Related to NVIDIA Drivers 337.88

Workaround – Rollback to NVIDIA Drivers 335.23 available here:http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/73780/en-us

Occasional, System Dependent, GUI Displacements.

Explanation – In some scenarios,
depending on your system, the VTM’s GUI may become displaced upon
instantiation or clicking the Show / Hide Reels. If VTM is on a secondary
display, the Presets menu may become displaced to the primary

Workaround –
In some
cases, simply closing and reopening the GUI will resolve the issue. If the
it is still stuck in this state after closing and reopening the GUI,
clicking any visible parameter like a knob or switch will usually resolve
the issue.

As the GUI Displacements occur differently on
each system / DAW configuration, our development team is currently building
profiles for each unique issue so they may be fixed accordingly.

[VTM-438] – VST3
Version Requires 10% more CPU than VST2

Explanation – On Mac systems in VST hosts, the VST3
version of VTM requires 10% more CPU than the VST2 version. Some VST hosts
experience CPU Spikes when using the VST3 version of VTM.

[VTM-435] – Meters
Stuck at Max Value


If a signal is particularly hot, the VTM’s VU Meters may become
stuck at their maximum value. This does not prevent the plugin from
processing audio or responding to user interface adjustments.