• RF Space by SE Electronics

SE Electronics Announces new RF SPACE Reflexion Filter

sE Electronics announced RF SPACE, a follow up to their immensely popular and immitated but never matched acoustic microphone isolation product called the Reflexion filter (RF Pro).

The original Reflexion Filter Pro was an innovative product that helped those with a small studio and less than ideal acoustics, reduce unwanted reflections during recording. The new RF SPACE is an improvement on the previous version with better overall isolation due to a larger surface and an increased thickness including the clever use of air pockets that help in the isolation of the microphone.

Next to an improved isolation, the mounting hardware has been redesigned to offer an improved placement of the filter. The new mounting has increased strength and flexibility compared to that of the original Reflexion Filter.

The new filter is expected to ship in June with a retail price of €359,- excluding VAT.